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Professional Learning 

FBEN's professional learning opportunities integrate joy and play, reflection and discussion, and hands-on learning in farm and garden environments. Participants bring their unique experiences, contributing to dynamic, peer-to-peer learning spaces.

I was chatting with others, sharing stories and offering advice, and asking questions, and I just felt so supported, like I had gotten an awesome pep-talk from people who really get what I'm experiencing.

- ABCs of Farm-Based Education Workshop Attendee 


FBEN workshops and Learning Journeys are joyful, participatory, and inspiring. Facilitators introduce favorite activities while exploring farms and forests. Discussions focus on how to adapt activities, create safe and accessible learning environments, design new programs, and reach new audiences. Reflection time, shared meals, and ample time outdoors leave participants refreshed and ready to bring their learning home. 

The Farm School Athol, MA Visiting Schoo

Immersions invite a small group into a 2-day experience with peer farm-based educators as they shadow, reflect on, and give feedback on the host site's programming, while gathering ideas and inspiration for their own farms. Teams from the same organization/farm are encouraged to apply. Past immersions have taken place at The Farm School in Athol, MA and Cedar Circle Farm in East Thetford, VT. 

Keynote Presenter Ira Wallace.jpg

FBEN conferences build our collective understanding of what it means to be a farm-based educator and practical tools and insight from peers. Conferences are hosted in partnership with local educational farms and a geographically diverse planning committee. The location and dates have not be set for the next conference.


Farm-based educators, we need each other! There’s a lot we can learn through a phone conversation, a site visit, or an email exchange. "Mentors" are Network members who can offer free, informal conversations or coaching, as time permits. "Consultants" can offer support through structured, paid contracts. Seeking mentorship? Complete this form to be “matched”Offering mentorship? Complete this form to be added to our directory of mentors. 

 It felt at once totally comfortable and welcoming and also stimulating and challenging us to think more deeply. The facilities, food, workshops, activities, were all wonderful.

2019 Conference Attendee 

I really liked having the field trips before the conference-as an introvert they gave me an opportunity to connect with folks in a smaller group level while also learning about other relevant organizations. I also appreciated multiple perspectives being represented. 

How do you fit so much into 2.5 days? I loved visiting all of the different areas, having "break-off" sessions, and talking with Farm staff"

2018 ABCs of Farm-Based Education Attendee 

2019 Conference Attendee 

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