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Discussion Forum 

FBEN's discussion forum lives in the Kids Garden Community!  


The Kids Garden Community is a free online community powered by KidsGardening to support individuals, families, and organizations with the skills, tools, and connections they need to garden with kids and scale transformative youth gardening programs. This FREE online community is open to anyone gardening and farming with kids and provides opportunities in a central location for connection, peer learning, resource sharing, and program support.


In 2023, FBEN and KidsGardening partnered to launch the Farm-Based Education Group. Take a video tour or follow the steps below to take part in this virtual space! 

Join or sign in.

sign in screenshot.png

Step 2

After logging in, navigate to Farm-Based Education group under “Groups” > “All Group” and select the “Join” button. 

join farm based ed group.png

Step 3

Select your notification preferences and click “Yes, join the group”. Note: Your notification preferences will determine how often you receive emails from this Farm-based education group from discussion forum activity. You can change your settings at any time. We recommend choosing a daily digest and/or a consolidated digest if you are a member of multiple groups.

group discusssion email settings.png

Step 4

Once you have joined, reply to existing discussions and/or post a message to ask a new question or start a new discussion. You can find the Farm-based Education group under your “My Groups” list now.

Step 5

Need to change your email notification settings? Head to your profile under “My Account” > “Group Notifications”. Scroll down and change your settings for any of your groups.


Questions about the Kids Garden Community? Reach out Amelia Dupuis, the Community Manager for assistance:

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