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Rooting Out Racism: An Anti-Racism Training for Those Working with Agriculture and Land

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Dates: Virtual sessions October 4, 5, 7, 8, 2021

11 am - 2 pm EST / 8 am - 11 am PT

Sessions will not be recorded. Each day builds on the previous one, and attendees must attend every session, to the best of their abilities.

To Sign up: Register here!


"The history of agriculture in the US is one of colonization and enslavement, followed by a long history of denying land rights to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color which manifests differently in urban and rural areas," the HEAL Food Alliance writes. After the land grabs of the 18th and 19th centuries, Black farmers were dispossessed of 12 million acres of land throughout the 1900s. As someone who teaches through agriculture, you are connected to this history! This workshop is for you if you're interested in reflecting on your own story, your farm or organization, and your teaching. We invite you into this anti-racism training to further infuse equity, justice, and belonging into your work and the movement. You'll be part of a supportive learning environment designed specifically for people working on and with the land and people connected to farming and farm-based education.

Who Is Service to Justice?

Service to Justice is a collective of social service providers, advocates, community members, artists, organizers, and justice-oriented institutions who recognize that the social service industry often perpetuates the current arrangement of power that maintains systemic poverty and structural racism. They offer workshops, consulting, coaching, and community engagement to advance organizational change.

Facilitators for this workshop:

Brittney Washington, MS, ATR

Brittney (she/her) is a Southern Queer Black Artist + Mama + Art Therapist + Doula + Strategist + Troublemaker. She is known for her work to disrupt the power arrangements that maintain structural racism and othering. Her multidisciplinary approach is designed with the understanding that we all have different entry points into politicization and social justice movements. More...

Kyla Dixon, MSW

Kyla (she/her) is a collaborative, justice-seeking innovator who coaches leaders, organizations, and faith communities. With 15 years of experience organizing and developing programs to dismantle oppression, Kyla works to create a culture of radical welcome while addressing the root causes of harm. More...

Julia Metzger-Traber

Julia (she/her) is a facilitator of imaginative, creative and healing processes for social transformation. She brings her backgrounds in performance, eco-somatics, and meditation into her political healing, education and strategic visioning work with communities and organizations. Since 2017 she has lived at Potomac Vegetable Farms, in Virginia, where, in addition to her external facilitation, she is farming, teaching, organizing and co-creating an ecovillage with center for healing justice and spiritual ecology. She is currently training with Generative Somatics and believes that communities, like bodies, hold the wisdom needed for their own healing and transformation, if attended to with curiosity, compassion and awareness.

Building Rapport: Prework and Beyond the Workshop

Service to Justice recognizes the work of racial justice as a path toward wholeness. They design each interaction specific to the networks they partner with and seek to understand their unique needs. There is 1-2 hours of pre-work to do before the training begins on 10/4.


The workshop is designed for a multiracial audience. Facilitators use race-based affinity spaces, and check-ins throughout the training to ensure safety and a sense of belonging for all.

Rooting Out Racism Training Framework

Service to Justice grounds their anti-racism training in four basic principles for building anti-racist organizations: Reparations, Healing, Imagination, & Movement. These are the touchstones that guide the training. The goal is for people to leave not only having conceptually understood, but emotionally, kinesthetically, and tactically engaged with their framework for racial justice. This includes:

  • Principles for curating anti-racist sectors, coalitions, and programs.

  • Different levels of experience within which racism operates (intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, community and systemic/societal) and how these levels interact.

  • Distinct components of organizations and coalitions where racism shows up, how it manifests, and visions for something radically different.

  • In addition to a common framework for racial justice, network members will get anchored in relationships for the long-term work of transformation.


Workshop will be offered on a sliding scale from $50 - $500 per person. The true cost of the workshop is $483 per person, and the Farm-Based Education Network will be subsidizing the cost to make it more accessible. Attendees can choose the price that feels right when registering.

What Past FBEN Participants Are Saying

"I took this training earlier this year and had an unbelievably revolutionary experience. It helped me realize how to dream within an anti-racist lens and work to make those dreams into goals, how to work towards having an anti-racist organization, and that anti-racism work is a spiritual journey and not just a workshop (you have to work towards it 24/7). 10/10 would recommend." - Tamarya Sims, Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy, Asheville, NC

"I found the Rooting Out Racism workshop to be the most helpful of all the equity and anti-racism trainings I’ve attended (and I’ve attended quite a few!). I appreciated the skill, expertise and guidance of the Service to Justice leaders. I found it really valuable how they combined education/ information sharing with holding space for reflection, self-examination and connection with others. There have been many times this summer that I have thought about my experience in Rooting Out Racism and applied my insights and learning." - Nicole Gunderman, Gorman Heritage Farm, Evendale, OH

"This training changed me - I understand more clearly the roots of structural racism, and I believe more strongly than ever that I am part of the solution to redesign oppressive systems through my farm-based education work. Each three hour session flew by, the facilitators were great, and I was introduced to new favorite musical artists, too! This was the best week of my year." - Service to Justice 2021 participant


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