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Service to Justice Training for Farm-Based Educators

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Dates: Virtual sessions March 22, 23, 29, 30

2-5 pm EST

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About Service to Justice

We are a collective of social service providers, advocates, community members, artists, organizers, and justice-oriented institutions who recognize that the social service industry often perpetuates the current arrangement of power that maintains systemic poverty and structural racism. We offer workshops, consulting, coaching, and community engagement to advance organizational change. Learn more.


To invite members of the Farm-Based Education Network into an anti-racism training, a process designed to help further infuse equity, justice, and belonging into your work and the movement. It features a Rooting Out Racism Training designed specifically for people working on and with the land and people connected to farming. View the facilitators’ video invitation!


  • Attendees will have shared language and analysis of race, racism, and systems of oppression in the field. This includes exploring terms and concepts such as white supremacy/dominant culture, anti-blackness, privilege, power, liberated gatekeepers, common resistances/defenses to examining racism, etc.

  • Attendees will have shared experiences that promote honest communication, mutual understanding, compassion, and relationship building—all a part of a longer process of healing and growth as change makers.

  • Attendees will develop community organizing practices to effectively implement change.

  • Attendees will have tools for advancing racial justice in their sector and becoming long-term agents of change.

Building Rapport: Prework and Beyond

Service to Justice recognizes the work of racial justice as a path toward wholeness. They design each interaction specific to the networks they partner with and seek to understand their unique needs.

Training Framework

We ground our anti-racism training in four basic principles for building anti-racist organizations: Reparations, Healing, Imagination, & Movement. These are the touchstones that guide the design of the training. The goal is for people to leave the training not only having conceptually understood, but emotionally, kinesthetically, and tactically engaged with our framework for racial justice. This includes:

  • Principles for curating anti-racist sectors, coalitions, and programs.

  • Different levels of experience within which racism operates (intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, community and systemic/societal) and how these levels interact.

  • Distinct components of organizations and coalitions where racism shows up, how it manifests, and visions for something radically different.

  • In addition to a common framework for racial justice, network members will get anchored in relationships for the long-term work of transformation.

“It’s the most concrete and helpful anti-racism training I’ve ever been a part of.”

- Past Rooting Out Racism participant


Workshop will be offered on a sliding scale from $25 - $400 per person


Contact Vera Simon-Nobes,

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