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3-Part Series: Lessons from the Honeybee on Change, Adaptation, and Storytelling

February 10th, 17th, 24th, 2021

12:30 - 2 PM EST / 9:30 - 11 AM Pacific

About the Series

The Farm-Based Education Network (FBEN) invites you to a three-part workshop series to explore the power of nature metaphor as we seek resilience, and connection with one another. Participants will gather virtually three times with Ang Roell, a beekeeper who operates They Keep Bees, a queer & trans led beekeeping business. Roell will open each session with storytelling before small groups convene for reflection and networking. Each session will have more small group time than whole group time, and will offer the chance for participants to build connections with peers across organizations.

The Value of Pause (February 10)

All organisms go through cycles of expansion and contraction, and yet humans in our modern society rarely create space to navigate these cycles with grace. Participants will explore “pause” as a natural phenomenon using the honeybee hive as a model. Participants will define “pause”, explore what it has meant for them personally and organizationally and discuss strategies for cultivating pause as an organizational value.

Lessons on Pivots from the Honeybee: Reimagining, Re-inventing, Resilience, and Adaptation (February 17)

How are we relating to each other amidst constant rapid change, and navigating that change as a group? Participants will learn how honeybees reimagine and re-invent together with their ecosystem using resilience and adaptation. Participants will strategize about how to cultivate these skills individually and organizationally.

Telling Community Stories: How to Construct Equitable Community-Centric Narratives (February 24)

How are we redefining emergent storytelling for changing times? How are we uplifting dynamic voices? Participants will learn where nonhierarchical stories exist in nature. Participants will explore how consent, relationship building and collective decision making can shape their organizational storytelling skills.

About the Facilitator

Ang Roell is a white, nonbinary/trans person of predominantly Ukrainian & German heritage. Ang currently resides in Western Mass (Pocumtuc and Nipmuc land) where they operate They Keep Bees, a queer & trans led beekeeping business. Ang also works with the consulting team at Mainspring Change Consultants (MCC). At MCC Ang helps shape equity audits and training for organizations committed to cultivating resilient workplace cultures where equity is centered and power is shared. Ang is hopeful about shaping a just and equitable future across class, race and ability, and pragmatic about the transformational internal and community work we each have to do to get there. They draw inspiration from the honeybee hive for how we can build collaborative communities.

Is this for me?

If you work with a farm or farm-based education organization, want to think about building resilience, and are seeking connection with peers, this is for you!


The cost of this workshop is $99 per person. We recognize that individuals and organizations have different privileges. Please pay the amount that fits for your budget between $0 and $105. The facilitator’s fees are set and are not determined by workshop revenue.

What to expect

Participants are asked to commit to all three sessions. Each session will include a grounding exercise; guided learning to connect the patterns & systems of honeybees to building equitable & balanced human systems; facilitated discussion with reflective questions; and ample small group discussion with the same cohort each week

Pre-Work Expectations

Pre-work and between session work will consist of short videos, excerpts and podcasts. Each session will have 20-30 minutes of reflective pre-work or post work. Reflective questions will be provided.

Example Pre/Between Work Could Include:

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