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2021 Dandelion Summer Speaker Series Wraps Up

How often does Ang Roell get stung by a bee? How does BK Rot pick up 3,000 lbs of food waste in three hours? What makes Red Wiggler a "Care Farm"?

This conversation series was designed for curious folks who are new to the field of farm-based education, and anyone is welcome!

Each week featured a speaker who discussed their paths into the world of agriculture, how their work impacts human and ecological health, and the ways food system work and social justice are interwoven. Whether you're an intern, apprentice, beginning farmer, or just interested in meeting others passionate about food systems, we invite you to check out the recordings, below!

The Dandelion Series was offered by the Yellow Farmhouse Education Center and Eric Dawson, Yellow Farmhouse intern, organizer and host. Coordinated in partnership with the Farm-Based Education Network, with support from the Farm-Base Chelsea Groton Foundation.

Monday, July 12, 4pm EST

EarthDance is a teaching farm, sharing the craft and science of organic farming with people from all walks of life. Our 14-acre historic farm provides a model of sustainable food production. Through our Organic Farm School programs, EarthDance cultivates food leaders alongside abundant fresh produce.

Monday, July 19, 7pm EST

JULIA AGUILAR, True Love Seeds

Truelove Seeds is a farm-based seed company offering culturally important and open pollinated vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Our seeds are grown by more than 50 small-scale urban and rural farmers committed to community food sovereignty, cultural preservation, and sustainable agriculture. We share our profits directly with our growers: 50% of each packet sale goes back to the farmer who grew it! Meet the Farmers!

Monday, July 26 4pm EST

Carversville Farm Foundation is a non-profit that grows fresh food specifically for donation to local communities in need. We run a certified organic farm where we raise top-quality vegetables, poultry, beef and eggs, and we donate o

ver ninety percent of our harvests to Philadelphia-area soup kitchens and food pantries.

Monday, August 2, 4pm EST

Red Wiggler is a sustainable farm where people with and without developmental disabilities come together to work, learn, and grow healthy food.

Monday, August 9, 4pm EST


BK ROT is New York City's first community-supported, bike-powered, fossil fuel free food waste hauling and composting service.

Monday, August 16, 4pm EST

ANG ROELL, They Keep Bees

Roell's work with bees includes cultivating queen bees who are adaptive to ever changing climates, and consulting work supports organizations in making lasting change by shifting power structures & creating effective collaboration.

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