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Public demand for educational experiences on farms is blossoming as individuals increasingly seek meaningful ways to connect to the land, support their local food systems, and pursue sustainable future. Farm-based education (FBE) programs are on the rise in response to this demand. Existing FBE programs are working to expand their programmatic offerings and to develop new, creative ways to engage the public on their farms. New FBE programs have been sprouting up in record numbers and are navigating the many, varied challenges associated with beginning a program from scratch.


Farm-based education programs are often small, rural, and limited by resources. By virtue of these traits they’re apt to develop in very organic and ingenious ways, but largely in isolation from one another. As such, there is a tendency for FBE practitioners to struggle with aspects of their shared work – whether it be developing a curriculum or navigating the safety and liability issues affiliated with bringing the public onto a working farm landscape – that someone else, another FBE practitioner, somewhere else, has already grappled with and solved.


To help practitioners from “reinventing the wheel” and to enable the sharing of best practices, the FBEN exists to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and resources among farmers, educators, administrators,and others engaged in FBE. Through a robust offering of online resources, annual workshops and events, national conferences, a robust member network, and consulting capacity, the FBEN strengthens and supports the work of FBE practitioners all around the country. Your generous gift helps us support these practitioners as they educate children, adults,and learners from all walks of life on their farms and affect positive change for the health and viability of our farms and communities.


The FBEN is a project of Shelburne Farms.  Gifts to the FBEN are made to Shelburne Farms and dedicated entirely to this project. 


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