What is Farm-Based Education? 

Farm-based education (FBE) is any educational experience that can be had by anyone on a farm.  These experiences can be formal or informal, structured or unstructured, for free or at a cost. Farm-based education is among the most effective and promising forms of environmental, experiential, and place-based education because of the innate ability in all people to connect to farms.


Farm-based education programs come in a wide variety of sizes and structures. Educational farms can serve all ages and stages from infant visitors with their parent, through K to 12 grades, to university students and adults throughout their lives. Educational farms can range from having a single teacher-farmer to a staff of hundreds. Farms can be owned, leased, for-profit or not-for-profit, raising vegetables, animals, fiber, timber, and other living natural resource products.  

Students at the Grange Farm School, Mendocino, CA.           

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Shelburne Farms is the coordinating organization for the Farm-Based Education Network 

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