Q&A with Skai Juice,  Muevete Puerto Rico

Luquillo, Puerto Rico 

Skai Juice joined the FBEN in 2013 and took time to answer a few questions about Muévete Puerto Rico, a non-profit founded encourage Puerto Ricans to live healthier lives. The organization is linked with the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary, which aims to expose children to a new paradigm in learning and includes education based in permaculture techniques, organic and sustainable living, plant identification, hiking in the rainforest, surfing and beach time and other cultural excursions.  “What is special about us is the fact that there is no one else dedicated on the island to creating such a program as the Luquillo Farm Sanctuary,” Skai writes. 

What is the mission of your farm? 

The mission of the farm is to educate and grow food in a permaculture setting.  The links made are to teach people the connection between where are food comes from and where are health is going. I acquired the land by applying for it through the government the Department of Agriculture.  The story is that this land has always been farm land.  It is located in a poor community and our goal is to connect this particular community to the project.

Who does your organization serve?

Our organization serves first and most important..the youth.  And then after that...everyone else.

How are you teaching youth that it's "cool" to be a farmer?  We havent actually begun that part...but I can answer that when our program begins.

How is Luquillo contributing to the food system in PR?  To my knowledge, not much grows in Luquillo...in fact according to the government, we have acquired the largest farmland in the area...80 acres.


What will success on your farm look like?   

Lots of food growing, lots of children hanging out, and lots of full bellies.

What farm models have you looked to as you have built your farm/education center?   


Most definitely the Eden Village Camp in NY...I have actually met the couple who put it together when they were visiting Puerto Rico.  It inspired me to create this farm.

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