FBEN's professional learning programs integrate joy and play, reflection and discussion, and hands-on learning in farm and garden environments. Participants bring their unique experiences, contributing to a dynamic, peer-to-peer learning space. 

I was chatting with others, sharing stories and offering advice, and asking questions, and I just felt so supported, like I had gotten an awesome pep-talk from people who really get what I'm experiencing.

ABCs of Farm-Based Education Attendee 

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 It felt at once totally comfortable and welcoming and also stimulating and challenging us to think more deeply. The facilities, food, workshops, activities, were all wonderful.

2019 Conference Attendee 

I really liked having the field trips before the conference-as an introvert they gave me an opportunity to connect with folks in a smaller group level while also learning about other relevant organizations. I also appreciated multiple perspectives being represented. 

How do you fit so much into 2.5 days? I loved visiting all of the different areas, having "break-off" sessions, and talking with Farm staff"

2018 ABCs of Farm-Based Education Attendee 

2019 Conference Attendee 

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