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Import updates from Cadence Design Systems, Inc. on our latest products and services. Join the conversation, ask questions, share experiences, and more.Improved automation of the Object-Oriented Modeling (OODM) feature. This is a first step toward future OODM changes and improvements. (video: 1:15 min.)AutoCAD 2023 has new types of templates, previously known as “exporter templates.”AutoCAD 2023 is optimized to save time and improve efficiency, which makes it a great design tool for anyone who needs to produce accurate, high-quality drawings and documents efficiently. For example, architects, engineers, landscape architects, designers, and 3D modelers can automate repetitive, complex, and tedious tasks and spend more time designing.Get the update for your browser.Check out the features of AutoCAD 2023, including:Improved support for SAP’s new Data Collaboration suite.Full support for SAP Technical Document Architecture (TDX).Add an optional report component to the Drawing View, allowing you to create reports and merge information across drawings.Customize your personal document templates.Add text, tables, and geometric elements to your drawings.Add application pages to automate common tasks.Add specialized options for features such as sheet sets, blocks, profiles, layered images, and snap lines.Use Microsoft Publisher or any other industry-standard application to integrate and deliver CAD content to a wide variety of apps and devices.Work smarter with the new “Quick AutoCAD” command.Three new AutoCAD commands for automated calculation and drawing changesSave your work faster with a new “Save & Close” feature.Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate drawings more quickly and easily.Use the “Select-Any” command to change the active drawing and run commands on any drawing in your project.Add advanced attributes, such as color values, styles, and scales, to objects in your drawings.Navigate to an object’s parents, children, and siblings.Save your drawings to a single, compressed, file format.Import and export to and from.PDF or.XPS files.Automatically plot data from Excel spreadsheets.Data-driven editing.Easily publish drawings 2be273e24d


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