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Virtual Workshop - Rooting to Rise: Cultivating Racial Justice in our Land-Based Projects - Coming to FBEN this April

Updated: Mar 13

Registration will close March 22, 2024 or when the program reaches capacity.

Hosted by: Shelburne Farms and the Farm-Based Education Network. The workshop series is designed and facilitated by: Service to Justice: Brittney Washington, Estephany Brito, and Rebecca Mintz

Dates: Virtual sessions April 11, 12 17th, 19th | 1-4 pm EST

To Register: Click the button above!


To help you and your teammates learn more ways to practice racial justice in your work and your workplace. This workshop is designed specifically for people working on and with the land, and people connected to farming.  To learn more, view a video invitation from the S2J team!

Who is this series is for?

For those working in food, gardening, farming and land-based organizations and farm to school programs. Attendees will include several staff from Shelburne Farms as well as other farm-based organizations

This will be a multi-racial, multi-identity cohort. As facilitators, we are attuned to dynamics of identity and power within the workshop space. It is very important to us to make this space generative for Black and Indigenous participants, and all participants of color, who want to cultivate racial justice in their workspaces. To do so, we use facilitation techniques such as opt-in caucusing, holding clear space for BIPOC voices who are interested in offering leadership, and encouraging all participants to consent in and out of activities as needed for their learning and care. 

Am I ready for this workshop?

This workshop is for you if…

- You’re looking to build your understanding of racism throughout history and today. 

- You’re open to personal growth and learning with others in order to build a more just future. 

- You’re ready to experience some discomfort and understand this is part of a learning process. 

Outcomes: By the end of this workshop series, you will…

- Have a basic understanding of how racism has shaped the US across history and into today.

- Have a collective map of how racism tends to play out in land-based work, and how organizations like yours already practice racial justice.

- Explore and begin to apply a set of four basic principles for building anti-racist organizations: Reparations, Healing, Imagination, & Movement. 

- Learn a “community organizing” approach that you can use to create momentum for change in their organizations and projects. 

- Have shared experiences that promote honest communication, mutual understanding, compassion, and relationship building—all a part of a longer process of healing and growth as change makers.

- Have tools for advancing racial justice on your team and becoming long-term agents of change.

“It’s the most concrete and helpful anti-racism training I’ve ever been a part of.” 

- Past participant

Facilitation approach

This series uses a number of arts modalities (poetry, visual art, music, embodied play, and so on) to create a more holistic, whole-bodied workshop experience. That doesn’t mean that you have to be an artist to participate! We welcome folks with all kinds of learning styles to join, and we will welcome you to engage in each activity in ways that work for you.

About the Facilitators 

We - Service to Justice - are a collective of social service providers, advocates, community members, artists, organizers, and facilitators who recognize that the social service industry often perpetuates the current arrangement of power that maintains systemic poverty and structural racism. We offer workshops, consulting, coaching, and community engagement to advance organizational change.


Virtual meetings date - April 11, 12 17, 19 |  1-4 pm EST


Thanks to generous funding, participation is offered at no cost for spring of 2024.


Contact Yasamin Gordon ( and Mariah Hawkins (

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